Explore activities and nature

Explore the Fethiye where blue and green meets

With its lush forests on one side, mountains on the other and the blue sea on the other, Fethiye offers you more than a holiday.
With its natural wonders and activities waiting to be discovered, Fethiye will affect your soul well.

Ölüdeniz welcome thousands of tourists every year with its unique natural wonder assets. Ölüdeniz lagoon is located on the west part of the beach. The lagoon is surrounded by hills covered with pine trees, provides a narrow passage to the high sea. The area is, under the protection, a real wonder of nature with exquisite sandy beaches, warm turquoise sea. It deserved to enter the list of the world's most beautiful beaches many times.

Kayaköy which has an impressive atmosphere with its architecture, narrow streets, churches, and nature, is an old Greek village. Kayaköy is located on the first degree archaeological sites and urban sites area. It is a must-see historic place.

Butterfly Valley is located on Ölüdeniz town of Fethiye is the district of Mugla. It has been declared as first degree protected area in 1995. Since then it was closed each such construction and it is located in the foothills of Babadag recommended protection of the world heritage town too. The valley is surrounded by cliffs reaching 350 meters. The name of it comes from more than 80 butterfly species which are hosted by this valley. The tiger butterfly is the most well known.

It is located on the main channel which is middle of Koycegiz Lake and the Mediterranean. Iztuzu Beach where Dalyan Channel reaches to the sea, is one of the beaches where Caretta Caretta, sea turtles, laid their eggs. There is also the ancient city of Caunos in Dalyan.

Being one of the popular places of the district in respect of tourism, Çalış Beach is 5 km from the district centre, opposite of the Şovalye Island. Along the 4 km long beach, there are hotels, boarding-houses, camp sites and restaurants. The Beach is well known as one of the incubation areas of the sea turtles, Caretta Carettas. It is also one of the favourite places to view the sunset and play water sports.

Saklıkent Canyon discovered accidentally by a shepherd recently, it is approximately 15 miles long and located in Tlos Antique City connected to the town of Seydikemer, Mugla. Saklıkent Canyon, has feature of the national park, is a unique part of nature. It is like the homeland of peace and famous for restaurants with pergola that are located on the river bank.

35 km from Fethiye. is located in Yaka Village. Although the city spans a wide area, the remains are focused around the acropolis and its surroundings. The view of the acropolis on the entrance to the city has a great impact on the visitors. Approximately 500 altitude steep slopes and naturally protected acropolis hill around the fortification walls, fortified with place. The early fortification walls and rock tombs in the northeast of the acropolis are examples of the Lycian culture. The city walls, mostly in eastern and southeastern parts, were built during the Roman period. They are also known to be repaired in the Byzantine period. The ruins of the sarcophagus graves were used in this repair.

Yakapark, formed by the nature of human labour and creativity, is a unique recreation spot where you will experience memorable moments in a mysterious atmosphere with bird sings and sound of water. It can easily be accessed via 2 km road from Yaka Village.

Imagine yourself as a bird. You spread your wings and take flight. Feel the currents of air rushing past your face. Feel the wind in your hair.Look out to the majestic mountains on the horizon. Look down to the turquoise water and sand beaches below. This is a thrill most earthbound humans never have a chance to experience.

The best activity on a holiday is to take a boat and cruise through different spots and islands of the area if you are in Mediterranean. Turkey has lots of beauty and treasures but there are more to be discovered and seen only by the sea. We have beautiful beaches, clear turquoise waters and every single spot of the coast line is full of history. One of the best daily boat tour in Fethiye is the 12 Islands Daily Boat Tour.